• The tranquil mind

    The tranquil mind – how to take control of your thought patterns. 🧠✨💆‍♀️ The incredible aspect about our brain is that we CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS. With practice, they get easier as neural pathways become more activated. Every tranquil situation and place you’ve ever experienced can be accessed with just a thought.🗻🌊 Tap into any memory that you have created and wish to re-experience in your mind, which will have a direct effect on your physical body.
    Every thought releases a hormone. Hormones affect the physiology. Therefore thoughts affect how we feel. ☀️ Those memories are yours forever and no-one can take them from you. Why not access them more frequently? Rather than focusing on the fact that you are physically not there anymore (practising sadness and a sense of loss) or will never get to be there again physically, go to it in your mind!Whatever you choose to think about, you’re practising it. Obviously, whatever you practice, you WILL get better at it.
    If you get stuck in the critical, sad and negative cycle of your thoughts, don’t worry! Just start again, and again. It’s inevitable that the mind will want to pull you into the pathways that have been previously reinforced, you may even have physical discomfort that is grabbing your attention. Acknowledge whatever thought or sensation wants your attention then slowly allow the old layers to dissolve and give it less power by bringing the focus back to where you want it.


    Take control and redirect your thoughts.


    It gets easier with practice, I promise.
    Comments are welcome, I’d love to know what your challenges are or your methods of harmonising your well-being.
    These are only my opinions which developed through my clinical practice as a body therapist and personal research.


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