SOSNA Mobile Massage

1 hour – $190  |   1.5 hours – $260

Imagine having a massage at the comfort of your own home. You are able to relax completely without having to travel to experience bliss. We understand that daytime hours can be unmanageable to book a session for yourself, we can come to your house after the kids are in bed or after you’ve finished work and can go straight to bed for an amazing night’s sleep.

Whether you’re into deep tissue sports massage, relaxation, trigger point, dry needling or a more gentle and deeply relaxing session, or if you’re a pregnant woman, we’ve got you covered.

We offer home visits for those who are unable to attend the clinic due to postoperative conditions, disability, prefer the safety and comfort of their own space, elderly patients who prefer the effortlessness of the therapist coming to treat them.

We provide a massage table, relaxing music and organic oils to create a tranquil experience whilst using effective therapeutic techniques.

Most private health fund rebates are available.

For a strictly professional mobile massage call or text 0479 103 330 to book an appointment.

Pagoa provides professional mobile massages for clients within 5km of Sydney’s CBD and near Gosford area in the Central Coast NSW.

Treat yourself or your staff to a massage within the comforts of home or work.